Monday, 20 August 2012

Stage 3

Stage three was a navigation of the north east of Derwent Water near Keswick. With the sprint points double those available on Stage 2 (which were in turn more than Stage 1’s), the short 250m proved to be the much anticipated ‘hammer-time’ short and fast sprint. The extra dimension of hang-overs from the previous evening’s frivolities weighed the whole field down, but Beans secured her win of the 2012 green cap with a strong start in Derwent Water. Jo Davies was pushed by Paul Harrington for second place. On swimming round the island, Jo caught Beans, and the two girls finished the Stage together. Paul Harrington finished the race at 9:35, for third place and an all-round solid performance. Only 1:30 separated Brett Welch and Nick Savage whose GC times were 23:00 and 24:30 down on the race winner, Jo in 1:55:30. Brett’s (Crazy-Horse) Saturday evening jibes appeared to have wound-up Sav, who put in a very strong Stage 3, and 4 minutes into Crazy-Horse, but this wasn’t enough to reverse the GC standings after Stage 3. Other mentions should go to Em Davies, who did most of the three Stages doing backstroke, Raj Gonsalkorale, an open water novice, Seals and Ali Zander for strong swims.

Stage 2

Later on the Saturday, swimmers assembled on Rannerdale Knotts, part of the way down Crummock Water. The course for Stage 2 took the field across the lake to Low Ling, a spit of land half-way down the lake. Low Ling as the sprint check-point for Stage 2, at 600m, of 3.3km total stage distance. This time, Beans swam a strong leg and took the increased green cap sprint points for the Stage. A strong tale-wind made for choppy waters, but the ordering of the GC was more or less unaffected. Kat Welch was a big mover though, roaring her way up to 7th in the GC. A strong performance by Ali Zander also caused the changing of hands (heads), of the Team Cap. Paul Harrington, Beans and Ali Zander now wore the Team Cap. Beans retained her yellow race leader cap, putting 1:00 into Beans in 2nd place.

Stage 1

Stage 1 was a straight-up length of Buttermere, at 2km. Swimmers started the race at the south end of Buttermere, at hit the sprint check-point after 450m. Jo Davies set an early pace on the stage, but was joined by Victoria ‘Beans’ Poole shortly before hitting the mark. The two girls were separated by a photo finish, with Jo winning the maximum sprint points. Jo and Beans then went on to finish the stage just 10 seconds apart, again with Jo getting the edge. Paul Harrington showed he was very comfortable in his local waters, getting third on the stage. Jo took the yellow swim cap, with Beans wearing the green cap for the following stage and the Team cap was won by Em Davies and Seals Cole (Women’s Elite Team).

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Friday, 25 May 2012

It's hotting up people!

A significant contingent got in the water on 12th May for a bit of a cheeky, in Crummock Water, site of stage 2 of INTERLAKEN. Reasonably fresh, but beautifully clear!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Crummock Water

This shot shows the start of stage 2, and the spit, the location of the sprint checkpoint on the right of this photo, the west side of the lake.

Crazy Horse and Jimbo on Crummock Water.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year's Day 2012

Jimbo and Beans doing a recce of Stage 2 finish (Crummock Water) on New Years Day 2012

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Interlaken 2012

Interlaken 2012 is an INVITATION ONLY swim race in the format of the famous Tour de France.

There will be three stages totaling 5 miles of swimming, in some of Britain’s most beautiful inland waters. The race will be held in the Lake District, over the weekend of 18/19th August 2012 with three swims in three different lakes. Get details here - it's going to be massive, we're even having podium girls - thanks Simon and Colin!

If you're interested in the race:
- become 'a follower' of the blog

And if you'd like to enter:
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